47.5M SP Naglfar Pilot


47.5M SP Total
750k Unallocated

Perfect Naglfar

Pod 1: Partial +5s

Pod 2: Genos and 05 Hardwirings

Starting Bid: 40B
Reserve: Hidden
Buyout: 50B

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ill start 40b

i pay 41b

Bump :cowboy_hat_face:

Bump :cowboy_hat_face:



Bump :cowboy_hat_face:


Bump :cowboy_hat_face:

Bump :cowboy_hat_face:

30 bill

33bill :slight_smile:

Character will be sold in 48 hours to Johnny Castle for 43b if no higher bids arrive, higher bids increase time remaining on auction to 24h from time of bid.

if he doesnt respond to you ill match the 43. :slight_smile:

sooo ?

Johnny Castle you have 4 hours to send me account name and ISK or character will be sold to Marcus Scipios

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so we got a deal ?

Yes, character is being sold to Marcus Scipios. Send isk and account name

cool thanks, will do when iam back home :slight_smile:

send :slight_smile: