WTS 38m SP Near Perfect Vendetta pilot |Don't accept bids right now

(Nadarob Skillane) #1

Minmatar Carrier V
Gallente Carrier IV
Light/Heavy fighters V
T2 Support fighters
Armor skills V
Core shield skills V
QUAFE skin on NYX
Full high-grade slave set

Eve-board :

Green zkb : :dark_sunglasses:

https://zkillboard.com/character/94707748/ :gem:

Located in low-sec
0.88 sec.statuc
No kill rights
Currently in NPC corp

Starting bid : 30b
Reserve : 35b
B/O: 45b or make a very good offer

WTB Nyx pilot
(Johny Rambo) #2

28 bil

(Lewd Esil) #3

38 bil

(Nadarob Skillane) #4

Thanks for the first serious offer.Reserve 35bn was met.Auction will end in 5 days (3rd August 12.00 ET)

(Nadarob Skillane) #5


(Nadarob Skillane) #6

bump bump

(Nadarob Skillane) #7


(Marc AntoIn) #8

39bil b/o

(Rusot) #9

45b b\o isk rdy

(Darkness Yassavi) #10

50b b/o

(Rusot) #11

51 bil

(Darkness Yassavi) #12

53 bil offer

(Rusot) #13

54 bil =)

(Darkness Yassavi) #14

55bn offer

(Nadarob Skillane) #15

Accept your offer.Please,send the isk to my character.

(Rusot) #16

56b offer

(Nadarob Skillane) #17

I have recieved ingame mail from Darkness Yassavi.I do not accept other bids next 9 days as buyer wish. I accept 46bn offer from Darkness Yassavi.

(Rusot) #18

well i send u first offer with 45b b/o, plus i made hier bids. ISK rdy

(Nadarob Skillane) #19

I don’t want to play with you.

(Rusot) #20

? what u mean?