PvP Start up Charakter (50,5 SP) / Thanatos / BS

WTS Silf pw: test123
50,5 Mio Skill Points

  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill Rights
  • Gallente Carrier 4
  • Can fly Galente Carrier / Nyx
  • Can fly Galente & Minmatar Ships
  • Realy good Drone Skills
  • Realy good Missile Skills
  • Shield and Ammor Skills
  • Black Ops ready
  • all CCP rules, I will pay for transfer

Starting bid 35 Bil
B/O 45 Bil
EDIT: Starting Bid 35b B/O 42b
EDIT: Starting BiD 33b B/O 41b

37b isk BO

is 39b isk ok?

Hi, found 2 other chars allready.
39b will sell for sure, nice toon

Fly fears

Unfortunately I was not online for 1 day, too bad. So who wants, B/O is lowered. look forward to offers.
B/O now 42b ISK

up up up


bump up

Bump up

bump it

Bump it up

B/o down to 40 bISK

27b and can do today

30B and i’l buy it today. let me know

32b ok?

I would sell it to 2ProToLive TV for 32 billion ISK

o/ can do 30.5 today

I want to draw attention to the fact that it is only governed by starting bids. Auction continues. Starting Bid 35b B/O 42b

that’s understandable, but seems to go against what you say!

SilF Silfovich

I would sell it to 2ProToLive TV for 32 billion ISK

so, I can do 31b now or just say no!

That is correct, but i changed my mind, since he did not respond to my bid, it is void. i want to point out that under 35b there is no acceptance of the offer.

It would be very nice if you could organize another 4 b, then I can close the sale with pleasure.