Wts 27.5m sp carrier / pve / money maker


looking to pass on the char to someone else for a fee. :slight_smile: Spending too much time playing EVE so this one has to go.

Skills are:

Benizio Black

Price would be 25b.

Please post offers here or ingame mail. All bazaar rules apply.


17 billion

17.5B ISK

18 billion

18.1 bil

19 billion


thank you on the offers, keep em coming, SHOW ME THE MONEY!

22B isk


23B ill leave that offer untill EOD… where are the fighter skills?

Almost there! Just a wee bit more lads!

back to the top

Im back to offer 22.7B

23 b isk

no offense but… SHOW ME DA MONEEEZZZ!!!

23.3B ISK ready

I offer 24b isk rdy.

25B ISK ready

25.5b isk ready