WTS 35.1 Mil SP Carrier/Drone alt - SOLD

Good Carrier, Drone alt - 33b b/o, open to offers.


Amarr carrier 4, Caldari carrier 4, Done & fighters to 5

240, 856 unallocated skill points
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Character is in HS
No pods

Has some implants

Bump price was lowered. Will take bids

Will start you off at 22b

Offering 25b

@Gaywin you still selling?

Hi apologies, yes I am, I’ve been working away so haven’t seen the posts. I’m going to keep this open for a little longer…

Bidding 27b

raising 29b

Will sell for 33b. price updated - Forgot to add the toon has 240,856 unallocated skill points.

retracting offer, bought another one

No problem Thanks, 33b will take him and I will pay the transfer costs

I can pay 33B for this char if u pay transer cost

deal move to PM to confirm account details.

Mail in game sent! :slight_smile:

Mail rec’d and replied once ingame ISK rec’d and account info I’ll begin the transfer. Just on way home from work.

ISK Sent - transfer after 9 h.

Isk rec’d I will begin the TF after 9hrs, due to the timezone this will be approx 05/10 0900 GMT.

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Account name rec’d in-game but when attempted says invalid. I have mailed the buyer in-game to request they check the account name and mail me back in-game and confirm on this thread so I can begin the transfer.

i’ve sent missing info

transfer requested.