WTS 15M SP toon (VNI alt)


VNI alt with T2 Heavy drones
Gallente cruiser 5
Covert ops capable (amarr frig 5)
Positive sec status
Confuse people with your dope name

Bidding starts at 12B.
B/O 20B.


13 b


Still interesting.

14b offer


still interesting

Still looking for more offers, will set an instant B/O of 20B.

OP updated.

kindly link toon to https://eveskillboard.com/ so i can make some offer


15b isk ready

No rush to sell, will keep bidding open a little longer unless B/O is reached.


20B for this toon? :slight_smile:

I’d settle for 20B yeah

kindly disregard my offer. found a better one. thanks

Noone will pay for this more than 13bil ISK. It’s just pointless.

I dunno man theres multiple offers above your post for over 13B isk?

Thanks for the free bump.

18bil b/o

If there are no more offers by the end of the day I’ll end the bidding at 18b.

Toon is yours for 18b if you still want it, let me know through mail or post here.

offer still stand and waiting for your ans