WTS 15M SP toon (VNI alt)

(Vexor Navy Issue) #1


VNI alt with T2 Heavy drones
Gallente cruiser 5
Covert ops capable (amarr frig 5)
Positive sec status
Confuse people with your dope name

Bidding starts at 12B.
B/O 20B.

(Kaelzor Blackhook) #2


13 b

(Vexor Navy Issue) #3


(Kaelzor Blackhook) #4

Still interesting.

(Ronni Ormand) #5

14b offer

(Kaelzor Blackhook) #6


still interesting

(Vexor Navy Issue) #7

Still looking for more offers, will set an instant B/O of 20B.

OP updated.

(Kouhaku) #8

kindly link toon to https://eveskillboard.com/ so i can make some offer

(Vexor Navy Issue) #9


(Kouhaku) #10

15b isk ready

(Vexor Navy Issue) #11

No rush to sell, will keep bidding open a little longer unless B/O is reached.


(Zycrus Albert Seva) #12

20B for this toon? :slight_smile:

(Vexor Navy Issue) #13

I’d settle for 20B yeah

(Kouhaku) #14

kindly disregard my offer. found a better one. thanks

(screaming beaver) #15

Noone will pay for this more than 13bil ISK. It’s just pointless.

(Vexor Navy Issue) #16

I dunno man theres multiple offers above your post for over 13B isk?

Thanks for the free bump.

(Trade Chee) #17

18bil b/o

(Vexor Navy Issue) #18

If there are no more offers by the end of the day I’ll end the bidding at 18b.

(Vexor Navy Issue) #19

Toon is yours for 18b if you still want it, let me know through mail or post here.

(Trade Chee) #20

offer still stand and waiting for your ans