WTA 11.6mil sp Great VNI toon

Skill Sheet

over 3mil in Drones Including t2 heavys
Gallente Cruiser V
Can build T1 and Research BPOS

Pos Wallet
Pos Standings
No kill rights
In NPC Corp
Located in High Sec

Starting Bid 10bil

up again

6b offer

6.5 bil

7 bil

Thanks for the offers but wont sell for less then 10bil

OK, my last offer is 8 bill and I’m waiting for progress. :wink:

thanks but ill wait for 10bil

bump to top

bump to top


Will be near computer ~21:30 Eve

Will try n contact you round then with my Mr Warbucks

rgr thanks send isk and account name when you can and ill start transfer for you with CC

No Response from buyer taking toon off market for now

Sorry about that, work called me away from home. Should be home tn, about the same time. If not, i shall contact you via this thread

Did this ever sell?

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