WTA Great JF Toon 26.2m Skill points Caldari & Amarr & Trade


:kiss: Amarr Freighter V
:kiss: Jump Freighters V
:kiss: Jump Drive Calibration V
:kiss: Jump Fuel Conservation V
:kiss: Accounting V
:kiss: Broker Relations V
:kiss: Contracting V
:kiss: Daytrading V
:kiss: Marketing V
:kiss: Retail V
:kiss: Trade V

Located Jita
No Kill Rights
Pos Wallet
Pos Standings

Starting Bid 25bil
Buy out 30bil

Any questions please post here as I dont log on the toon


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2nd Thought, I retract that offer. Not a bad pilot though.

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25b bid

Im happy to accept your bid as a buy out if you like

If you accept post here to confirm and forward isk and account name and Ill start a transfer

Okay awesome!
I do accept however I will need you to wait about 10 hours while the character spot frees up if you do not mind.

yes that is fine with me

Is your Character slot free yet

yes i apologize for the delay, how does this work?

Forward 25,000,000,000 isk to the toon for sale and also send a mail with the Account name of the account you would like the toon sent to.

isk and mail sent!

Transfer started Enjoy :kiss:

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