WTS Ark JF Pilot. JDC V , JF V, JFC IV 15m SP

Selling myself to the highest bidder.

Not in a rush at all, so that "Isk ready now "low ballers need not apply. Its just not going to happen.

Comes with a 4 x +5 implants, HG slave epsilon, 10% warp speed, 6% shield. About 3b in implants total.

Currently training JFC V.

No kill rights, No JC’s, Positive isk, NPC corp, Positive stadings only. I will pay the transfer with plex.

Happy bidding.


12 billion but need it kinda fast

12.5 offered


13.1 offered

13.5 bil

15 offered

15.5 offered

17 offered

17.5 b this is valid until DT

Still want for 17.5?

I’ll take him for 17

Ill take 17 as a bid for now.

Will give it another day or 2

Ill take 17 as a bid for now.

If you are dead set on 17.5 as a buy I’m willing to do that as well

Just taking bids at the moment man. Im not in a rush.

Will keep you 17m bid for now if that is ok

Your for 17b if you want mate.

Just confirm here and we can start the process

17.5 ready btw

Going to Boris for 17.

If I don’t hear from him today you can have it.


Boris seems to have dropped off.

Yours for 17 if you want Glenn

My offer is reduced to 15 billion, valid until 00:00