WTB Focused JF pilot

Focused JF pilot - Ideally Rhea
List any skins/implants and ballpark price
Must have JC5

Take a look not 100% what you asking for but very close

The max I can do for that toon is 4.5b or it doesn’t make sense for me. Sorry



sorry i ripped some skill out last night i closed the sale of that toon



wait for your bid.

All V level for Nomad


it’s near the price in my mind, hope you bid a little bit higher.

hows 18,5 sound?

ahah , I cancel my selling.
hope you get your JF pilot soon.

i can go 19,5 max

make deal in game mail.
send 22b to this toon and mail your account info.
transfer will begin in 2h as I handle my assets firstly.

isk receieved and transfer begin.

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