SOLD 19m hauler, JF pilot, high Jita standing


Transport ships V - Bustard, with rare Vitalshift skin
JF IV - Rhea
Perfect jump skills

Link for standings, skin: Standing and skins - Album on Imgur

Link for skills: Franka Tokilas Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

0,5m SP unallocated.

If interested, post here with offer, or write Frank Pannon.

Posted with wrong character, this is me of course.

Please check your eve-mail.




That is WAY too low, no.

Good morning bump

9Billion ISK ready whenever.

After lot of soul searching, sleepless nights and internal dialogue, I set the price for 10B.

Sent you an offer ingame

ISK and account name received, initiating transfer.

I would have paid 12b, dang.

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