WTS 38.3m SP Caldar/Gallente/Guristas Combat Pilot (500k Free SP)


Skillpoints: 38.3m
Free SP: 500k
Sec Status: 0.00
Killrights: None
Location: Jita
Wallet: Positive
Implants: None
Remap: Now + 2 bonus

Omega expires in just over 2 weeks, will take the highest offer then, or if someone catches my eye with their offer prior to that.

Starting bid: 28 bil

20 bil!

There’s low balling and then there’s that… :facepalm:

25 bil

25,5 bil


28b highest offer so far.

First to offer 30b can walk away with it, otherwise I’ll likely take the 28b tomorrow night

ok i’ll w8 )


Giving this a few more hours till I’m back home, 28.5b current highest offer

I think he don’t need ur char anymore )

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Am online now, who’s ready to deal?

Apparently @Lodoss thinks you’ve retracted - I’ll leave it up to you to confirm or not.

Otherwise bidding remains open

28bil ))))

I’m online now. Bid accepted.

isk and account info sent

Char transfer initiated

Thanks very much

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