WTS 38M SP Erebus Pilot [SOLD]


Positive wallet and sec status. No assets or kill rights. In low-sec, will move to Jita 4-4 for sale. Freshly dropped to NPC corp, might not be showing in skillboard.

Gallente Titan V
Full HG Slave pod
Can also fly a T2 siege Moros

Starting bidding at 34b, will let this run for at least 24hrs.


46b BO online and ready to send ISK

47bil ready

48 bil

Hey @Marck_Snow let me know if you’re out so we can proceed with @Seller_Girl. Looks like we might all be online, so we can finalise this now.

I am online and ready to send isk

Alright let’s do this. Sold to @Seller_Girl for 48b.

Please send ISK and account info and I will do PLEX transfer straight away.

Isk and account info sent

Character Received thanks

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