[SOLD]WTS Perfect Erebus Pilot (58,1Mil SP)

WTS Solid Erebus Pilot
ready for dread
57,9Mil SP + 175k unallocated
gallente titan 5
navigation 5

have full high amulet set (former slave)

pass 726

Starting bid 60 bil
B/O 67 Bil

ill start you off with 48bill, i think you are personally asking for too much, good luck with the sale

i’m open for fair offer, even it below starting price,
but 48b is too low, sorry
i believe, char with titan skillbook and implant set costs more

price lowered :slight_smile:

50B offer


54b offered

Per in game agreement, isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail.

money recieved. sale closed. character transferred

Confirmed character received. Thanks.

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