WTS 85.8 mil SP Erebus/Moros Pilot

As topic says: Selling 85.8 mil SP Erebus/Moros Pilot

Perfect Erebus Pilot.
Gal Titan 5
DD 5
Gal Dread 5
Free SP 3.1million

1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones
1-6 HG Amulets
7 Odins Eye Coordination Enhancer
8 EM-806
9 SP-905
10 HG-1006

Current JC
1-5 HG Ascendancy
6 - WS-618
7 - EM-706
8 - EM-805
9 HS-905

4. Character location.

PW: 123123123

Police Erebus
Ruby Sungrazer

Starting Bid and Reserve: 90 Billion
Buyout: 115 Billion

Any Correspondance Send to Otto Bismarck

60 bil


@ScarletMon you must be kidding with your bid of 115bil. You are either dumb like a rock an alt trying to pump up the price. either way, go for it… buyt it for 115bil. i’m going to watch how this auction ends :slight_smile:

Accepted. Please EVEMail me ingame with what account to xfer this character to and send the money.

Wasn’t me, Getting up at 5am is bad enough, not getting up at 3 to place a bid on a character which is my buyout.

if he pulls through with this sale, i’ll be amaze! i think he is a BS’er :slight_smile:

Please evemail either myself or Otto Bismarck with respect to your offer. As it stands no contact has been made and still for sale.


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