WTS 53m SP Min/Gal Combat Pilot (1.4m Free SP)


Skillpoints: 53.3m
Free SP: 1.4m
Sec Status: 0.35
Killrights: None
Location: Jita
Wallet: Positive
Implants: +4s
Remap: Now + 1 bonus

Omega expires in just over 2 weeks, will take the highest offer then, or if someone catches my eye with their offer prior to that.

37 bil

Probably looking for a little higher, or at least a good reason why it isnt worth that much!

38 bil

39 bil

40 bil

Anyone able to top that?

First to offer 42 bil can walk away with this lovely gal.

42B ISK. Ready now.

Offer accepted. Will message you ingame in a moment

Many thanks. Ready when you are. Mail sent

ISK received and Transfer initiated

Confirmation received from CCP.

Very smooth transaction. Many thanks.

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