Wts 46m sp Caldari combat focus

Pilot is sitting in jita
4.9 sec status
no kill rights
positive wallet
1 remap
HG Crystal set
Just returning to game and not planning to focus an alt atm.


Let the bidding start at 40b


Wanted to make sure it was over 24/h before I posted again… Then had to run out tonight so it got a little delayed. Sorry about that. Top bid is 40B. I will probably take the top bid tomorrow. Raw extract is just over 38B, Has implants and the skill for some higher end missle boats.

Last bump.

So? :slight_smile: Did I win?

I felt silly taking the first offer that came in. I feel even sillier that the offer came four minutes after I posted and you’ve waited patiently. So ye. Kasai post here when the isk/mail has been sent.

Alright, thank you! Money and mail sent :slight_smile:

Sorry. Made dinner for the wife and it ran long. Should be all set and on his way to you now!

Got the character, everything as advertised, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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