WTS 58M SP Combat Pilot

Selling myself


Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in High Sec - Docked in Amarr
Seller pays transfer fee

356k unallocated sp

Happy bidding

Starting bid 45B

Edit: starting bid amount

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How much?

Starting bid 45B

Where do I bid and how long will the auction last?

To the top

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I offer 50B

bid acknowledged. Going to keep it open till 8/31 afternoon, US East TZ.

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alt posting to hike price is lame

consider this a free bump mang

Friend thousand apologies, I withdraw the bid, check and I do not have the full money, I’m sorry.

That’s not an alt of mine, anyone I know or am affiliated with. Thank you for the bump though.

42.5b offered


43b offer

going to close the bidding, not getting the amounts to meet the reserve.

45b ? for a deal ?

@Firick_Allicarte will accept 45b if still offering.

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