WTS 44+ mil sp Caldari Pilot

For Sale,
44+ Mil SP Caldary Pilot
Golem , Tengu, e.c.t.

Great Standings Towards Caldary Navy, S.o.e. , Federation Navy, Brutor Tribe, …

Bidding Starts at 40bil

B/O 45bil


Confirming I am for sale

36 billion ISK

36.5 bil

37 bil

37.5 bil

bidding starts at 40bil as the OP says, everything below is considered a free bump :wink: So Thanks for all those bumps


adjusted offer to full buyout

I’ll go 45bn Buyout

45bn accepted please send isk and acc name to the Boirdj, and i’ll start the transfer asap

Account Info and ISK sent to Boirdj. Awaiting Transfer.

All received, Transfer initiated

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