41.8m SP Caldari Gallente Pilot

Good mix of skills. Can fly a command ship.


Positive Wallet and Sec Status. Stationed in Dodixie. Pretty good standings for mission running.

I will pay the transfer fee. Starting bid is 34bil, 42 bil buyout.

Lowering starting bid to 30bil and buyout to 39 bil let’s start up the bidding!

30 bil

Thank you for the bid!

31b offered

Thank you for bidding! I evemailed you a buyout offer ^

In the meantime this character is still open to more bids!

Daily Bump

Offer from Absolute Truth accepted in game. I will start the transfer process after isk is received later tonight.

Isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

Isk received, transfer initiated.

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