[SOLD] WTS 50m SP caldari focused pilot (Tengu, Falcon, covops etc) reduced price


(Broc Black) #1


I am for sale,


I am good supporting pilot and can fly mainly Caldari ships
Was initialy skilled as falcon alt and during my career i was used in roles:

  • probe scanning
  • force recon and combat recon
  • as covert cyno hunter / scout
  • tengu pilot
  • recently i was skilled as HIC alt
  • additionally i have JDC V skilled which opens up future use as capital/blackops/JF

I have 630400 SP unallocated
I am currently located in Lowsec 2 jumps away from HS
2 implant sets are included:
+5 skilling implant set
HG Talon implant set + Genolutions - for details see link above

I have positive wallet and sec status
I have no killrights on me
On the killboard I am clean - just a couple v old hisec losses

Price is 42b
My master will pay the transfer fee

Contact via forum only please

(Broc Black) #2


(Broc Black) #3


(Keltola) #4

30b ready

(Broc Black) #5

if I extract the skills right now in Jita I will receive 32b instantly at current prices. So when you add up the transfer fee it means that 40b is minimal price.

(Keltola) #6

i dont need it for extracting but ok

(Broc Black) #7

daily bump

(Broc Black) #8


(Astrozka) #9

32 bil

(Broc Black) #10

thanks, but this is not enough, for details see my answer couple rows above.

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(Broc Black) #12


(Broc Black) #13


(Broc Black) #14

ok, reducing price to 42 bil

(Broc Black) #15

up we go

(Waldo Dragon) #16

33 Bil

(Broc Black) #17

offer rejected

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