[SOLD] Naglfar / bomber / dictor / ceptor alt (30b)

(PUIU) #1

Selling identical 26m SP utility alts that fly:

Naglfar: JDC5, T2 guns, T1 siege
Bomber bombs, dps and camping: cyno 5, bombs 5, racial bomber 5, torps 5
Sabres, interceptors
This is a pvp utility alt, but if you want to use it only as a dread alt, you get most relevant skills to 5 by just extracting + injecting from the skills it has. Asking for 30b b/o, I’ll pay the transfer fee. The characters are identical.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ekwalizer (SOLD)
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/lllIll (SOLD)
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jackienne (SOLD)

Mail me (PUIU) ingame if you’re interested, or post here.

(PUIU) #2

For some reason some link don’t work; looks like there’s an ESI problem. This is also a daily bump. (Edit: ok, seems to work now)

(Jackienne) #3

I confirm I’m for sale

(lllIll) #4

I confirm I’m for sale

(Ekwalizer) #5

I confirm I’m for sale

(PUIU) #6

Selling slaves

(PUIU) #7

Buy these characters and make them free

(Texas Hold'em) #8

Even for a decent dread pilot you need 28M SP. With the loss you’d get from extraction/injection, you’d probably end up ~19m SP which is way off from an effective dread. You’re way over priced for the training path.

(PUIU) #9

Bump for glory

(PUIU) #11

Deal. Contacting privately for how we proceed.

(PUIU) #13

Confirmed, starting transfer within 1-2 hours once I get home

EDIT: transfer started.

(PUIU) #14

One slave still looking for a new home.

(zzslavesssss) #15

18bil bids for each ekwalizer and lllIll if still available

(PUIU) #16

Thanks for the free bump

(PUIU) #17

Buy your utility alt here

(PUIU) #18

Pilots available

(PUIU) #19

Buy yours

(PUIU) #20

Utility alts for sale

(PUIU) #21

Alts for sail!

(Seller Girl) #22

Will you take 23B for Ekwalizer?