[SOLD] Naglfar / bomber / dictor / ceptor alt (30b)

Selling identical 26m SP utility alts that fly:

Naglfar: JDC5, T2 guns, T1 siege
Bomber bombs, dps and camping: cyno 5, bombs 5, racial bomber 5, torps 5
Sabres, interceptors
This is a pvp utility alt, but if you want to use it only as a dread alt, you get most relevant skills to 5 by just extracting + injecting from the skills it has. Asking for 30b b/o, I’ll pay the transfer fee. The characters are identical.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ekwalizer (SOLD)
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/lllIll (SOLD)
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jackienne (SOLD)

Mail me (PUIU) ingame if you’re interested, or post here.

For some reason some link don’t work; looks like there’s an ESI problem. This is also a daily bump. (Edit: ok, seems to work now)

I confirm I’m for sale

I confirm I’m for sale

I confirm I’m for sale

Selling slaves

Buy these characters and make them free

Even for a decent dread pilot you need 28M SP. With the loss you’d get from extraction/injection, you’d probably end up ~19m SP which is way off from an effective dread. You’re way over priced for the training path.

Bump for glory

Deal. Contacting privately for how we proceed.

Confirmed, starting transfer within 1-2 hours once I get home

EDIT: transfer started.

One slave still looking for a new home.

18bil bids for each ekwalizer and lllIll if still available

Thanks for the free bump

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Pilots available

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Utility alts for sale

Alts for sail!

Will you take 23B for Ekwalizer?