[SOLD] Naglfar / bomber / dictor / ceptor alt (30b)

Ekwalizer has too nice name. You can have barcode (https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/lllIll) for 25, I pay the 1000 plex for transfer.

Can do 25.5 on Ekwalizer

I can meet you at 27b on Ekwalizer

how about 26?

Ok, good

26,5 :smiley:

You wanna take the barcode guy for 25? Identical skills and impossible name to primary. (I should have thought about the name earlier…)

Wanted Ekwalizer if he is still available
For the one with weird name only 22,5b the name is just to cancer lol

ok 27 for ekwalizer

Seller Girl that ok, pls. send ISK to ekwalizer along with evemail about the account name to transfer to.

please move to npc corp first

Pointman, 22.5b if you pay the transfer

23,5b Final Offer for the weirdo name one :wink:
Can’t Afford 20$ For the Transfer Fee lol

Confirmed got ISK for Ekwalizer. It’s in NPC now, moving assets and starting transfer in an hour

Okay for 23.5b; pls. go ahead with sending ISK and account to transfer to to the weirdo name.

Can you Transfer to Alpha chars as well?

Here are the rules; they don’t say that the account should be omega Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Can you leave Corp with the char ISK is Ready

In Brutor Tribe now

23,5b ISK Sent to PUIU + MSG with Acountname