WTS 5m SP Cyno/Production/Research-Alt-Character

As title says I am considering to sell one/some of my alt-chars because my Research-POS is long gone and I have not much use for her/them anymore, except selling. Here is a summary of her capabilities:

  • Can light cynos and cloak with decent navigation skills
  • Production and research skills to make some ISK
  • 5 research agents for datacore farming (more ISK)
  • Basic trade skills for market pvp and lower station fees
  • Has 5 jump-clones all in high-sec (maybe one in low for cyno)
  • Learning-clone with +3-implant-set
  • Born in 2008 with clean corp history

Mandatory information per forum rules:

  • Location in high-sec
  • Positive wallet balance
  • No combat history or kill rights
  • 2 Bonus remaps available


Sale ends 11:00h eve time 25/05/2019
Buyout: 6 bill ISK

Currently highest bid is 5 bill from Alucard Lugosi saving her from Doomheim.

Edit: Deadline and buyout-option added.

Daily Bump.

Yet another bump and another chance to save a nice char from Doomheim.

2B offer here.

3b offer.

Thanks for the bids. Unfortunately the plex transfer costs would exceed them so far , therefore I am looking for a higher price.

sorry, i revise offer to 5b.

5b still offered.

Thank you for your revised bid and sorry for replying so late, but I am currently on a business trip with limited internet access. I will return tomorrow in the late evening, therefore I changed the topic to a wts-thread and will set the end of the sale to downtime saturday or 11:00h eve time 25/05/2019.

Btw, corp roles have already been dropped and she will be in npc corp as soon as I can log into the game again. I also see a b/o of 6 bill fit, then I will initiate the transfer friday evening right after my return (most likely not before 22h eve time).

will you accept 5b and prepare to transfer?

Yes, as there have been no higher bids you will receive her for 5 bill.

My preparations for the transfer are almost complete. Just give me a few mins after downtime, so I can finish them. If you want you can transfer the ISK to her already or contact me ingame to complete the deal.

Thank you. I will in-game mail soon with the receiving account name and transfer 5b isk.

isk and info sent

Character transfer initianted.

Have fun with her…

Confirmation of transfer received.

I will take care of the foxy one.

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