(SOLD) WTS: 5m SP - Cov pilot with Cyno V

Character is SOLD

I am located in Jita and have a positive balance in my wallet.

  • Transfer will be paid by me through plex
  • All CCP Rules apply

Start: 4b
B/O: Suprise me

To the top we go :slight_smile:


4b bid

Thank you for the offer and it is noted.

B/O is set to 4.5b

I will accept your BID. You won :slight_smile:

Send ISK en account name, so i can start the transfer

Buyer has not replied.

Char is still for sell.

Top the top we go

4 bil b/o still good?


just logged in, isk and acct info sent,


Support ticket is created for transfer. Grats on the toon :slight_smile:

How long does it usually take for a Plex transfer?

All character transfers have a 10 hour waiting period for security reasons

Bummer. I forgot I still had bids out there and didn’t log in for a couple weeks. Sorry about that.

Plus the time it takes to reply from CCP

Transfer is done, you should have the char on your account.

Char received, thx