[SOLD] WTS 3.2m SP gank focused character

(Fadeling) #1

Can fly T2 fit miner suicide ganking Catalyst 600+ DPS
Can fly insta Thrasher for suicide ganking pods on autopilot
Can fly mining barges handy for camouflage when awoxing miner corps
Can fly basic gallente FW setups like Kite Tristan /Derptron
Can fly Badger for scooping loot


Everything you need to make a start in highsec shenanigans. 3b starting price.

(Frozen Dynamo) #2

I offer you the 3b you asking, because your char have few points as a long history (You were in CODE, that can be problematic, too), the 3b is my final price.

Answer here if interestedm i am not reading the eve mail of this pilot.

(Fadeling) #3

Sounds good matey, unless anyone else offers more than 3b by the end of today I’ll accept your offer.

(Frozen Dynamo) #4

Okey, i check the thread later in night (must go out of the city, but surely return today )

(Fadeling) #5

I accept your offer of 3b then.

Please send me your account name for transfer.

I will initiate transfer when the ISK has been receieved.

(Frozen Dynamo) #6

My banker send u the account name and isk one moment ago, i had problems logging.

Code my bank say is “black box”

account to send her begin with u and end with 2

Many thanks,

(Fadeling) #7

Isk received, transfer initiated.