WTS - 17M Miner Alt

Hi, I’d like to sell myself to someone in more need to actually fly me around space.

At 17m SP I have:
LVL 5 23
LVL 4 35
LVL 3 20

I do have a decent amount in drone and missile skills, as well, if you’re looking for a secondary notion but I am and was a barge/exhumer pilot.

If you’re looking to reprocess me, that’s fine. I won’t let you down for the price.

Starting - 10B
B/0 - 12B

Online and active - RIGHT NOW - If you have any specific questions related to skills and ships.

Here is charsheet

I will have 0 assets and 0,00 isk at time of sale. Also, be located in Amarr.

Looking to move.

Exhumer 5
Mining Drone Op 4
Simple and Coherent Ore Processing 4
Ice Harvesting 5
Mining Astrogeology Mining Upgrades Reprocessing 5
Mining Drone 4



You around right now?

yes,Start now

Will do, friend.

Isk and Account Info sent

Logging into char, pass the cash.

Done, can start transferring characters

Process completed. Character Transferred. Should be all good. o7, pilot.

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