[SOLD] 17M SP Exhumer Pilot [Has it all!]

Do you want a miner that just does it all? Drones, Merc, Ice and Shields?! Well lemme tell ya, I’ve got just the toon for you!

This character will fit up just about any conceivable mining fit you want to try out, and absolutely excel!

Reason for selling? I used to run a 1-person mining fleet, but have since been downsizing, aiming for that sweet spot somewhere less than 7 accounts, and pulling SP out of my, of late, unused mining alts has been an absolute drag. So, if I can pay the $20USD transfer fee and get back enough isk to justify the time I’ll save pulling and selling SP, I’m game!

1. Wallet balance.
Character will be sold with 1 Million Isk

2. Kill rights
No Kill Rights Exist for this character

3. Jump clones
1 Jump Clone in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices - No Implants

4. Character location.
Character located in Jita 4-4 Trade Hub

Currently Equipped Implants (4 of them):
Perception, Memory and Intelligence - Improved (+5)
Inherent Implants ‘Highwall’ Mining Upgrades MU-1005

My Omega expires on March 23, I will release this character for sale before then.
I don’t have a buy-out in mind yet, but I will balance my expectations with community feedback and using other sell orders (if I can find one of comparable SP) as guides.

I’d like to see the bidding start at 10Billion, as this reflects the lowest difference in terms of isk/sp that I’d be willing to consider based on the transfer fee.
Thank you, and happy bidding!

Link is not working. My bid is 9b.

It’s a shame, this character looks so good but I can’t get over how weird the skills are hahaha. I’ll do 9.5, if only it had reprocessing skills or any other base skills to get it closer to flying anything else

10b my call then :slight_smile:

i offer 10.5


Thank you for the bids, I am still here and available. I think if there is a 48hr time period from the last bid, I may just accept that.

Thanks everyone for your comments and interest.

Can we talk in-game?


Sure, I’ve added you in game and will hang around for a bit to give you a chance to contact me.

Let me know whats going on mate :slight_smile: Secret talks are a little unfair :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing happened, they did not show.

If you’re still offering, I’ll take it. I’ll log in in a couple hours and if I see isk, an account name, and an update from you here, I’ll initiate the transfer tonight.

Payment made.

Character is on its way!

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