WTS 23 mil SP Mining/Hauler/Combat Alt

Selling this jack-of-all-trades alt :sunglasses:

Skill Points - 23,065,733
Implants - +5 attributes, mining, gas
Yearly Remap - 2 months from now
Jump Clones - 1 located in Stain
Security Status - 0.26
Wallet Balance - Positive
Kill Rights - None
Location - Jita

Character Highlights:
Exhumers lev 5
Transport Ships lev 5
Cybernetics lev 5
Great mining skills
Very good drone skills
Decent missile skills
Short and simple name

Price - 15B


Ill throw out a 9bil bid

I’ll do 9.5

Thx for bids but I won’t sell it for less than 15B.





10 bill


I can accept 14B but no less

13B and we have a deal.

looking for at least 14B, sorry

k 14B is fine ur online now?

I’ll do 14

Damuul Thattis send the ISK and account info

going to send now.

Isk send account info send.

ISK and account info received, character transfer started, thank you!