SOLD! WTS 17.3m SP Miner starter

+4 implants
isk positive
556k unallocated SP
2 remaps available
Security Status Positive
NPC corp
Location New Caldari
No Killrights
Char does have a bounty on him - have tried to get it off sorry
I’ll pay fee

10bil starting - Will end 1/11/2019


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daily bump

17.4 mil & 641k unallocated now


Daily bump

10.1 b offer

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Ending bidding now - i’ll accept 12bil - Please send an eve mail of the account to be transferred to.
As soon as ISK is received I will submit the support ticket to start the transfer process.

isk and account info send waiting for char transfer.

ISK recieved - transfer in progress

01 Nov 2019 20:05

EVE Character transfer

Thank you

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