(SOLD) 4.48 Mil Beginner Mining/Industry Char

Selling 4.48 mil SP starting mining character.

Looking for 2 billion or best offer.

Wallet is basically empty with a few assets laying around.

No kill rights, +4 implants installed for all but Charisma.

Character is currently sitting in Amarr.

I pay transfer fee.


2B buyout

I will throw in a wee cheeky 2.3billion ISK buyout - payable quickly! <3

You are in fact cheeky…2.31B see I can play that game too

Being the cheeky article that I am - i’ll be having another wee bid - 2.32bill please. <3

Its yours, enjoy…just won another one anyway :slight_smile:

Sold, for 2.32

We doing this then mate?

Yep I sent you an evemail, i’m ready when you are. Please reply to my evemail with your account name and i’ll begin transfer. Think our timezones may be out of sync as this was this 3am for me :slight_smile:

ISK Sent, Email sent - let me be having ye

Transfer initiated! :slight_smile:

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