Sold! :)

Wts 29mil sp miner Born 2011 Slightly unfocused in most other aspects,
Has 0 assets & about 3mil isk in its wallet. Returning to eve after 2 years and this is my alt account that i no longer feel i have time for.
Currently sat in amarr Has 0 kill rights & in Npc Corp
Open to sensible offers.

Edit Added more info+ Skillboard link

24 bil

25 bil

WIll Happily accept this offer If you still want the Character in question.

will send isk and account info via my alt

Alright thanks, will get the ball rolling on my end & let you know when Xfer has been processed on CCP’s end

isks and account info sent. Please confirm receipt and character transferr status.
Thank you

Character Transfer initiated with ccp can confirm it will be transfered to affore mentioned account.

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