WTS - Starter Miner 7.6m SP

I’m selling this account for 10bil or the best bid. I’m paying for the transfer fee. It’s a mining account.


7.6m SP
No Kill Rights
No Significant Assets
Neutral Sec Status
Positive Wallet
Currently In NPC Corp
Character located in JITA
Will Pay Transfer Fee
1 Bonus Remaps Available

6b buyout, ISK ready

I would like to see at least 8b, but if it doesn’t happen it’s yours. I will wait two more days.

R u sold already?

No, closing it tomorrow if there are no more offers.

Sorry, I have another target to offering.

It’s yours if you still want it.

Sorry, found something else now. Thanks

i’d take the char for 6B if still available.

ISK ready

Send me your details and ISK. We can also chat in game.

ISK and account details sent

Transfer initiated.

trade complete…tyvm

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