WTS highly focused rorq pilot + refinery skills 35m sp

Wanna sell perfect rorqual pilot
Core 2
perfect mining
decent tank and drone skills
can build supers
very nice refinery skills
Start 35b
Isk positive, character in highsec, no killrights.


30 bill

I can accept this bid, but i will extract refinery and production skills

34 bill to keep skills, fair price?

Ready right here right now.

for 34b i can keep production, but extract refinery.

35 bill for refinery.

not fair: 1b for 7.8m sp.

40 bill final offer. ready logged in game.

Edit 41 Bill bid, final.

41b bid accepted. Waiting for isk and account info

isk and details sent.

isk and account info received, starting transfer

Thank you, will confirm xfer as soon as I receive it hopefully in about 10-12 hours.

For future reference, you may have wanted to wait longer than 4 hours to sell (or use a buyout). I would have paid moreā€¦

Character received a pleasure doing business.

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