(Kad Abra) #1

CAwesome Rorqual (near Max), Jump Freighter (V), Capital Build (IV) and Trade skills (V). Has max jobs in industry with some other misc skills. Great pilot for Capital Ship - Mining, Moving, Building and Selling

Currently continuing with Rorqual skill training.

EVE Skill board - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kad_Abra

Min bid - 25 bil, anything lower will be considered a free bump
BO - 28 BiI BuyOut

pos sec stat
Positive Wallet
npc corp
Yearly Remap: 1
Bonus Remaps: 3
No kill rights
Located in High-Sec

WTB a RORQ pilot with some FAX skill
(Johny Has Cash) #2

25b b/o

(Kad Abra) #3

Thank you for starting the bidding Johnny_Has_Cash

(Kad Abra) #4

Bump to top

(James Zealot) #5

Retracted for now.

(Nataly Maken) #6

25.5 bil

(Kad Abra) #7

Thank you Nataly, still looking for a bit better

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #8

35 bil for a 31 mil SP character? What am I missing that makes it worth that much?

(Kad Abra) #9

Updated buyout to 30 Bil

(Over Bored) #10

26 bil

(Eric Chu) #11

27B bil

(Over Bored) #12


(Kad Abra) #13

Two great offers from Eric Chu and Over Bored - thank you.

Sent in-games messages:)

All ready to transfer. (I’m at work, but keeping an eye on this thread, so should be able to react quickly.)

(Kad Abra) #14

Bump. Be nice to agree a price, sell and transfer this weekend.

SP just topped 31.08 Mil!

(Feral Macedon) #15


(Eric Chu) #16

I can offer you 28b,
just today.

(Kad Abra) #17

31.08 mil SP Rorqual, Jump Freighter, Capital Build and Trade pilot

Mine it, move it, built and sell it - capitals baby!

(Kad Abra) #18

Buyout 30 bil for 31mil SP Rorqual/Jump Freighter pilot.

< Withdrawn >
(Kad Abra) #19

Make me a sensible offer.

(DarkKain) #20