WTS Great Rorqual Pilot, also Jump Freighter capable

Just came back to the game, older, with a kid. Don’t have the time to plop down my rorq and mine for hours anymore. So looking to sell this alt.

33.2 million skillpoints, mostly focused in mining. Specifically being a Rorq pilot. Rest in JF

2 clones

  1. full set of +4s in Amarr
  2. full set of +5s in Jita 4-4

pass: 1234

Some highlights:
Capital Industrial Ships 5
T2 Industrial Reconfiguration
Invuln Core ready (4)
Fairly good Capital shield skills
Can use excavators. Drone skills excellent.
Training for ice excavators now – needs work.
Can fly an Anshar - Gallente Jump Freighter - needs a bit of work to top off
Mining Barge 5
Can fly exhumers.
Budding production toon with all skills minus 2 injected and 2.3 million in production

starting bid : 25b
buyout: 34b

Dont wanna sit around and babysit a sale like this alot. So I wont have her up for long. Thanks for looking.

edit – literally just left corp, skillboard will probably show old corp. But she is in a NPC corp. Positive wallet, pos sec status.

edit 2 – forgot to mention, can fly deep space transports and blockade runners.

Kalla Lelune 16B

Hello, 22 B

Thank you both for kicking things off. I am looking for a bit more however. Bump

25 B ?

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@Spike306 with the first real bid and current lead. I will probably keep this up for a short period of time unless someone wows me with a high bid near the b/o, or the b/o number itself.


Ok thx you

Reading some other rorq pilots for sale… dont think my buyout was realistic given the skill points etc.

adjusted buyout. first one to hit it, or near it wins. Thanks.

I can pay 24b

Thank you for the offer but that is less than Spike306’s offer.

Buyout lowered to 34b. First to hit, or close, is our lucky winrar

up to 26b

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thank you @HX_CZC fair bid. Just looking for a bit more. Dont forget rorq loving rock suckers… buyout has been reduced for a quicker sale.

@Kalla_Lelune I agree to 34B, send you the ISK and account information. Confirm me

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Confirmed, online now. If I’ve got the isk and account info I will start the transfer asap

Isk and account info received. I just started the character transfer moments ago. Shes on her way. Thank you @Spike306 enjoy.

You have chosen to transfer the character Kalla Lelune to the account named ____
We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Perfect thank you very much

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