WTS 67.5 Mil Max Yield Rorqual/Indy/Reprocessing Pilot! 55 bil!

I confirm I am for sale. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/DooCTooR

Will be in Neutral Corp at time of Sale (Not updated Yet)
Postive Wallet
Remap Available
Great Skills!
Will be in Jita 4-4 at time of Sale
Starting Price 55 Bil.
Buyout is 55 bil Thanks :slight_smile:
Positive sec status
Rorq skins!

Price updated for quick sell!

All CCP rules do apply.

Would love to sell this quickly.

If I missed anything, Please let me know and iโ€™ll Update it :slight_smile:

Buyout updated for quick sell. Thanks :slight_smile:

62 bil

Thanks for offer

Still selling people!

An amazing rorq pilot and refiner!

Buy him!

An amazing pilot! Donโ€™t miss out

Confirming I am for sale

Updated price, would like to see this sell when I get done with work. If no buyer in next 24 hours Iโ€™ll just put this character afk training.

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