SOLD Female Gall/min Puller & High sec Miner 4.7b

Hi, normally offline last weeks for bad internet connection. I finish other project in training, then have this female Gal/Min puller for sale.

She is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallets, all ccp rules apply.

I enter in a moment to confirm

She can mine missions in high sec, can pull missions and can be turned in a trader without problem. Have +5 implants then can be used a skill farmer. Because she is near to the next injector, i think 4.7b is a nice price.

Disclaimer : I can deliver sunday in the morning because i am transfer other character to that account. Iam a well know seller here, and this is my last sale because my roster is now perfect.

Interested answer the thread, not reading the eve mail in mine or her .

Hi, i am for sale.

3B offer

Today bump0.

Sorry, 3b is too low, 47.b is decent.

4.2 bil final offer, isk ready

Ok, send me isk and account and i deliver in less than an hour. Answer the thread when do so

ISk and account details sent over to Bianca Walker. Please start the transfer procedures.

nice doing business with you

Thanks, recieved, i go to make deposit in my cc, return in some minutes.

I do the transfer one moment ago, you must receive the mail in some minutes, please answer when do so.

Fly safe.

Transfer went great!

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