Sold please close

Hello all. Up for sale is

She has a positive sec status, wallet balance, is in an npc corp (though skill board may not reflect it, she is.) and is located in high sec. No kill rights on her at all. Her current jump clone has some decent implants including the foreman mining link.

I have a number in my head that I will accept for her but for the sake of bidding lets start it off at 55B. She is an old girl with a great name and some well placed skills. For the right price I will be paying for this with a credit card so the transaction will be swift. Please do not send me offers in game as I don’t often log on her any longer which is why she is for sale. Any questions post here and I will get to them as soon as i’m able. Thanks and good luck!


I’ll start it with 55 Billion ISK right here

thanks for the offer. will give it a bit to see if others come through.


57 bil

Thank you for your bid. If nothing higher by the time I get off work it will be yours. That’s around 6pm Eastern Time in about 5 hours.

Just wanted to ad that I will accept the offer on her. I know there has been a lot of scams lately.


I’m headed home. If you’re around send isk and account name to Orenna and I will begin the transfer.

Will give @Maizie_Fields until tomorrow to reply and if no reply will go back up for sale.

Sending now ;=)


Isk and account received and the transfer has been paid for. Thank you and enjoy. Says that it should be done 4/17 @ 9:12 am.

Transfer confirmed, thanks Orenna!

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