SOLD Wts Female trader no history 2005 5.5m

Hi, for many recent trades, i dont need this pilot now.

I am asking around 4.5 for her, can extrat just now an extractor (i suggest broker relations).

Please answer the thread if interested.

Yes, i am for sale. Please answer if interested.

No kill rights
Positive wallet
Is in High sec.


I can send ISK when I get home from work.

Ok, sold, send the Isk and acc name when you return, please update the thread when do so, i go to cinbema and return in some hours.

Sorry I thought I had 1 free slot on account. I have biomassed an empty character, will take 10 hours.

Are you ok to wait until tonight?

Send me the isk and acc name anbd i deliver when you want.

In this moment the character is available for 4.5b

If you dont want to wait ill do 4.6 right now.

Amon Calis, send me the account and isk and i deliver to you in ten minutes. I am in a mission right now.

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Isk and acc name Received. Normally yuu send the isk and the acc name to the character is being sold, in this case Morvana Steele. I receive as Inactive Seller.

I send in some minutes, need finish the thibg i am doing now.

No dramas.

Sorry for the delay, transfer done one moment ago to @Amon_Celis, i take some extra minutes to put you in amarr

Sorry @hai_Presto but i need the isk as soon as possibel and i was forced to sell.

Thanks to both for the business

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