SOLD 3.5mil Sp Trade Character

(Morvana Steele) #1

(Inactive Seller) #2

4.5b for her.

(Morvana Steele) #3

Accepted I will prep her tonight and do what is needed and then post when ready for transfer

(Inactive Seller) #4

Okey, i connect and send you the isk in five to ten minutes.

(Inactive Seller) #5

Isk and acc name sent.

(Morvana Steele) #6

I am just finishing a mission and will dock and sort it all out. Many thanks

(Morvana Steele) #7

All done , she has just over 5mil on her and a lot of stuff still on the market. I have had her since she was created and she was named after the accountant I worked with at the time. I hope you have much profits with her :slight_smile:

(Inactive Seller) #8

Received, Maybe others dont see, but is a female 2005 character with decent name and ZERO HISTORY.

Many thanks for the trade.

(system) #9

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