Mining Fleet Orca/3 Exhumers WTS

(Gary Bell) #1

Hi looking to sell these toons-

Fleek Anneto-

Also good exhumer pilot with good core and drone skills-- 6 Bill BO

Made a nice little mining fleet but no matter how hard I try I cant mine FML

Please contact my main with questions or offers

I pay all transfer fees and they are all good sec and positive wallets

Will follow with posts to confirm ownership

(Raz Hanomaa) #2

I am for sale

(Fleek Anneto) #3

I am for sale

(Lexi Uisen) #4

I am for sale

(Jilla Maken) #5

I am for sale

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #6

hey im looking to buy some miners if the price is right 3.5 bill

(Gary Bell) #7

Yeah at that price I would train up the alpha skills extract and biomass… a bare toon for farming SP goes for more then 3.5… thanks for the free bump

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #8

4.5 then

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #9

ok tell me how much you willing to let go an exumer alt and the orca alt

(Gary Bell) #10

I would do 13 for an exhumer pilot and orca pilot as a group deal

(Gary Bell) #11

19 Bil isk deal reached in game for 3 accounts Raz- Lexi- Jilla

(SmithDogg) #12

ISK and accounts have been sent

(Gary Bell) #13

3 sold. Still have one exhumer left… Would sell for 5.5 … edited first post to show whos left

(Sadiira Ostus) #14

Ok, I want to buy Fleek Anneto for 5.5B

(Gary Bell) #15

accepted… send isk and account info and she is yours

(Sadiira Ostus) #16

Isk and account details have been sent.

(Gary Bell) #17

everything sold