[SOLD] WTS/PC 3 Man Mining fleet

Selling my mining fleet to focus on pvp and to get back into the game.

Consists of 2 lvl4 ehumer pilots, and 1 max boosting orca pilot. one of the 2 exhumer pilots, is almost lvl4 in t2 indy and a fully skilled researcher


Location: Jita

Jump clone: located in Uesuro standard implants, and your research and ice mining implants.

No kill rights, and 500,000 isk wallet.

I’ll reply with posts for the other members of my fleet in the same manner

Confirming I’m available for sale, Max boosting orca poilt with enhanced implants


Location: Jotenen (Im not moving this character, has very expensive pod, and is in a high sec island 8ish jumps from jita)

Wallet 34k

No Kill rights

Comfiming I’m also for sale 8mill sp lvl 4 exhumer pilot.

Location Otalieto, ()jumps from jita high sec island()

No kill rights

700k wallet


Offer 10b for Pepper_Coffee

How about 21 bil for all three?

(I’m a hog)

i buy orca pilost Pepper_Coffee offer 15 B

I missed that :slight_smile: .
I withdraw from this post with no further comment.

Sorry guys I’d love to sell the characters, but upon further investigation its gonna cost me 51GBP irl money, i’d rather just let them rot and die with eve unused, and forget about this game till the end of time.

Thanks for your intestest. characters nolonger for sale.

Pepper_Screwdriver, talk to me on discord Mooterconkey#3315 or send me an email at mooterconkey@gmail.com if you have a second.

if it could be arrange, I would transfer the pilot orca for his money

I sent you a message in game to Pepper ScrewDriver. You can use Plex to transfer instead of $, which means you can use ISK from the sale to purchase plex to then use in the transfer.

We discussed in game. Isk and account information sent

Thanks again

Transfers complete

Thank you for your help

Confirmed, Received all three. Cheers

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