Hello doing some place in my account and selling this character.

Wallet balance - Currently sitting at 0 isk

No kill rights on the character

No jump clones currently

Character location - Currently in Jita 4-4

+3 Basic Implants

2 Remaps available!

MINIMUM 8B :hammer_and_pick::hammer_and_pick::hammer_and_pick:

Thank you :blush::blush:

8bIl .

Waiting fast reponse

Fyi, the 4 LSI cannot be included in price for selling the character @Synn_Maerlin

Unless you mean you are going to inject them before you sell.

9 bil B/O

thatโ€™s the idea of courseโ€ฆ :expressionless:

thank you a lot for the bit !!!

i waiting tomorrow for the final ( not because iโ€™m greedy but i have to connect and inject the lsi and i canโ€™t do it iโ€™m traveling)

9.5 bil

thank you for your 9.5b bet !! (you build a army of miner my god :grin:

yep iโ€™ll send isk and acc info


Oh thank but I said I CLOSING the bet tomorrow :hushed::hushed:

I will reimburse your money when I log it tomorrow ( except if you win of course) in this case I will so the transfer directly

oops i misundetstood , alright

Little bit confuse, still on the market or not?

10b (transfer before Friday 2 p.m please)

thank you Linn,

yes still works, noticed for 10b thx. finishing in less than 12h.

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Retract, send my isk back to me when you are free

Hello, sorry for the delay, just arrived at home. i sent the money back few minutes ago ! thank for the bit anyway and wish you a awesom end of the week.

Retract too. Sorry

I can re-bid again at 9bil, over 10b is to high for 8.7m SP.
It is a disaster for my budget.

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Very kind honestly!

But you are right. Itโ€™s too weak in a way.

I have still one month of omega and I will boost the mining barge and Co.

I will come back in 1 month to be more interesting.

Have a nice evening :pray: