[Sold] WTS 27m sp Miner - Exhumers V / T2 Crystals, Orca Pilot + Other Utility

EveSkillboard - Marog Okel (in an npc corp skillboard just hasn’t updated)

27mil sp, 245k unallocated

Exhumers V, near perfect mining drone skills, mining director & foreman V, industrial command ships IV

t2 mining foreman link plugged in + various other implants

can fly stiletto, sabre, & light cov ops cyno w/ prospect

positive wallet balance, no kill rights, character located in high sec (perimeter trading tower), has 1 JC in high sec, remap available + 2 bonus remaps

16bil B/O

15b ready right now

Accepting Linoaa’s offer

Sending ISK and account info.

Thx you

isk received, character transfer initiated

thank you

Got the confirmation mail.

Fly safe

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