WTS 20m SP Miner/Salvager/Producer/PI/Gas Huffer/Orca


Fantastic char that can do alot. Has been my swiss army knife for some time. This isn’t a firesale so serious offers only please.

Exhumers V
Salvage Drone V
Salvage V
Mining Drone OP/Spec V
Mining Foreman V
PI Skills V
Mass Prod V
Indy V
Scrapmetal Processing V
Gas Cloud Harvest V
Exhumers V
Indy Command Ships V
Mining Barge V

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita

B/O: 17B

Confirming that I am for sale.

whats the password to the skill board? i will offer 12B

password is removed, sorry about that.

offer 12.5b

13B offer

13b accepted, send isk and account info

13B isk and account name sent in game

transfer initiated please confirm.

I cant see anything yet

check your spam folders.

email confirmation received

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