Wtb miner

Wtb miner character, have to fly exhumers, doesnt have to be perfect

SkillQ.net - Dead Battery offer?

tbh i dont have experience in this. Would you have number in mind ?

have a sale thread you can make an offer there :slight_smile:

SkillQ.net - Tia Caliente asking 12.5b

still buying


11m unallocated - 74.5b

10 Mil SP, T2 Hulk for ABC’s Kernite…10 Bil

still buying

Any interest in me?

[ WTS ] Perfect Miner 74.75m SP - 12.233m UNallocated - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

ty for offer but too expensive for mining operations, ty for bump


still lookin

stilllllll looooking