WTB 3x Mining starter chars


I am looking for up to 3 miningstarter chars.

Something like this:

  • Mining Barge V
  • Asterology V
  • Coherent Ore Pr. IV
  • Complex Ore Pr. IV
  • Varigated Ore Pr. IV
  • Gas Cloud Harvesting V

Maybe some basic skills as well.

Or on the way to this.

Show me what you got :slight_smile:

Bumb. The chars can also have more SP than above. Budget up to around 10b per char.

I have 10 of those characters. 9/10 with 6-6.7m SP, one with 8.5m SP.

Astrogeology V
Mining IV-V
Mining Barge V
Exhumers V
Most skillbooks alredy injected.
Kills in Exhumers on Killboard :smiley:

Hi, that looks interesting.
Are the lower sp toons all equal skill wise?
I think I would like to buy 2 of them. What do you have in mind price wise?

Bumb - still looking

Yes, they are more or less equal.
key skills are equal. some differences on shield or navigation or things, i focused them on mining with a battleshield for guard :slight_smile:
make an offer, i have no clue what price is good for them

Could you link all the chars? Its kinda hard to make an offer if I dont know really for what. Like the one with 6m sp you linked has gallente hauler 5 (1m SP) which I dont need at all. Maybe a other toon would have any SP somwhere I could use them. In general I would prefere navigation over shields because when I got caught I am dead anyway :smiley:
The going rate for 1m SP is somwhere between 650m to 1b. Depends on focus and how bad a buyer wants it. (Like low SP capital alts are sometimes even more than 1b per 1m sp) Also implants or skins can make a difference. Btw do the chars have any notable implants?

ill give you 18bil for Future Atol , Past Badasaz and Raptor Arareb

I offer 5bil each for Vodoo Niminen, Logo Zanjoahir, and Goblin Shardani.
Based on: Missing key implants, Engineering, Cybernetics, Biology, Drone, and Ice Mining skills please let me know what you think. You can also contact me on discord via: andemand1542 or IG, will check on this post every now and then.

Kindest regards

i have to stop for the moment, my car just broke down and i cant afford so much char transfers this month.
next month we can start again, ill stay in contact with you