WTS 26.3m SP Miner / Orca pilot - Sold

Selling me: EveSkillboard - Bo-Jerick Torr

  • ALL probing skills 5!
  • ORCA pilot (Level III mastery - w/ level IV in 4-6 days)
  • mining/ice mining drone !!
  • All Repro skills rank 2 or better (No reactions or Industrial reconfig skills injected)
  • Decent overall skills

Toon is in High sec, good security status, positive wallet balance, no kill rights for or against.
I follow all CCP rules and pay the fee

buy out: 11 bil isk

Thank you

Isk sent, creating account, in a minute i sent an eve mail ith the account name.


That was fast! I just posted this. Lol


please answer the thread when the htransfer is done have a nice day=)

Transfer is done. I guess the 10 hours starts now.

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Many thanks

Your welcome, and thank you!

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