WTS Orca Pilot 15m SP

Orca / Porpoise Pilot


*2 Jump Clones / Mining Forman implant installed on both
*Good light, med drone skills
*2 Remaps available
*Positive Wallet & Sec Status
*No Kill Rights
*Located in Jita

Starting bid 10b (Firm)
Not accepting offers less then Starting Bid.

I offer 10B, and I want to know when is the close bid time?

I am traveling today and wont be able to get on for about 18 hours. (7am - 8am US Central Time)
I’ll take the top bid at that time.

Provide 11B

Top bid is 11b.

If no other bids I will accept this in the morning when I can get on. About 10 hours from now.

Please provide payment and transfer info.

has been sent

Received. Transfer has been initiated.

Okay, wait for the transfer to complete. Thank you.

Character received

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